Amtex Corp. Modular Building

A Wholesale Modular Manufacturer

Amtex Modular History

Amtex was the first Modular Building Manufacturer in Texas. Established in 1976, Amtex takes great pride in the high quality of custom buildings created over the years.

We are located in Garland, TX and employ approximately 100 people. Through the expertise of our dedicated and highly experienced staff, you can be assured that your projects will be completed in an excellent and efficient manner.

We are able to exceed the needs and expectations of a wide variety of industries such as education, financial institutions, medical, government, construction, commercial and retail. Our building sizes per floor have ranged from 12x60 to 18x80. Though most of our projects range from a double wide to eight floor complexes, we have built projects as large as up to 20 floor complexes and projects that require two stories as well. Amtex does not sell directly to the public, however we would be more than happy to refer you to a professional dealer in your area to assist you with your planning, purchase and set up of a building.